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Check out the Chobe Snake Park which is a part of CARACAL

Visit our web page on our Wildlife Conflict Program !

Learn more about The GEF/World Bank Project on Wildlife Conflict Proposed for Botswana!

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We would like to thank S. Lindstrom, K. Alexander, M. Ramotadima for use of their photos on this web site. Please do not use these photos without contacting CARACAL.

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Centre for Conservation of African Resources: Animals, Communities And Land use

CARACAL is a not for profit NGO located in the Chobe Linyanti Wetlands of Northern Botswana.

Communities and Wildlife

Our program strategy is directed at developing new ways of harnessing biodiversity to improve rural livelihoods and reduce poverty. We are particularily focused on trying to promote community capacity in natural resource management and strengthen the ability of management authorities to partner with local communities.

Emerging Infectious Disease and Environmental Change

Environmental change and the emergence of infectious disease is a critical issue, particularily when we look at the emergence of HIV/TB in Africa. Why and where will disease emerge? We are studying the emergence of TB in banded mongoose to better understand the dynamics of infectious disease and the disease transmission interface between humans and wildlife.

Conservation Planning, Education and Training

We are developing training and environmental education programs aimed at promoting improved natural resource management and rural livelihoods. Our research program is aimed at providing directed recommendations for improved resource management planning.

CARACAL Training Courses

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December 2007