December 17th, 2018: Applications are due by 11:59 pm. If there is an issue meeting this deadline please reach out to Madalyn Fox at Madalyn7@vt.edu

December 31st, 2018: Applicants will be notified of their status. 5 Students will be selected. There will be 1-2 alternates notified. 

January 10th, 2018: Meeting will be held at Louisa County High School at 5:30 pm with selected students and parents.

During the preparation period from selection to departure students and teacher will be given a checklist to follow to be sure they are prepared in time. Monthly updates and reminders will be sent. 

Likely nearing the beginning of May selected Students and teacher will travel to Virginia Tech to meet some staff and acquaint themselves with the lab.

July 3, 2018: Leaving from Dulles airport heading towards Botswana.

July 20, 2018: Departure from Botswana heading for Dulles.

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Madalyn Fox

Email: Madalyn7@vt.edu

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