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CARACAL World of Wildlife

Wildlife Rescue

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Come visit us and our wildlife companions at CARACAL World of Wildlife!

We are a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center housing a wide range of Botswana's native species. It is home to Botswana's largest collection of endemic snakes species, endangered species, small mammals, birds of prey, amphibians, and more.


Visitors are able to get up close and personal with all of our animals and can interact with some of them in a hands-on encounter supervised by our expert staff. The World of Wildlife is a uniquely family-friendly attraction in the Chobe region, with tour options specifically designed to appeal to children. All gate-fees and contributions are put towards our ongoing wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and conservation education efforts.

The following is a collection of stories, compiled throughout the years, depicting the lives of animals residing at CARACAL. Rescued animals that stay with us become ambassadors for their species and play a pivotal role in the education of local schoolchildren and the general public. Our goal is to enhance understanding of the importance of these animals in healthy ecosystems.


Mungos mungo

As babies, these two brothers were found abandoned amongst some bushes. Although several hours were spent waiting for the mother to return, our team was unable to locate her. Today however, you can find the brothers basking in the sun, right here at CARACAL.

White-Backed vulture

Gyps africanus

Giles is a white-backed vulture who has been staying with us since 2014! He first came to us as a young bird with both a broken clavicle and pneumonia, but he's come a long way since then.

Bohol bushbaby

Galago moholi

Meet Fungus, one of the many bushbabies at our facility. As a baby, he was brought to us by a concerned member of the community. Bushbabies are highly social animals and so require much one-on-one care.

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